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February 16, 2018

To the Editor:

The New Mexico House of Representatives just passed House Joint Memorial 10, which supports a federal constitutional amendment designed to reduce the corrupting influence of money in elections and explicitly prohibit partisan gerrymandering of voting districts. Unfortunately, our local Representatives, including Rod Montoya, James Strickler, Paul Bandy, and Sharon Clahchischilliage voted against the Memorial.

This action was simply a statement of the legislature’s view that the role of money in elections should be transparent, and that buying access to the legislative process or legislators and unfair gerrymandering of voting districts are wrong and should be

prevented. The text of the proposed federal amendment makes it clear that no regulations could in any way limit legal freedom of speech (see http://www.fixitamerica.org/).

I can only assume that a “no” vote means that these legislators feel that the corrupting influence of money in politics is fine, and that unfair gerrymandering is acceptable as well. I wonder if that’s really what they think...?

Gary Skiba, Aztec


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