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February 16, 2018

Aztec High School


2.0 & NO F’s. Athletes and Performers, Stay on top of Grades.

AHS is developing a club to encourage and educate students interested in computer programming. We will be meeting after school on Mondays. If you are interested in being a part of this new opportunity, sign up outside of room 300.

• EOC Senior Retakes – February 14th and 15th. Students will be notified of where and when this week. All schedules will be posted on the office window.

This week, Playmakers are having their first set of rehearsals. We will be going into full swing for our performance of Fiddler on the Roof. However, we are still looking for more students who would be interested in playing the smaller roles of the community in the village as well as to help with the choir pieces. If your child is interested in being a part of this great experience, please contact Ms. Youts.

Yearbook sales in room 401, they are now $60 or can be purchased online at http://www.yearbookordercenter.com for $60

We are also preparing for a trip to the Thespian Festivals in February and we are need of chaperone’s for the trip. We will also be needing extra hands for the upcoming show, if you know of anyone who loves to sing and act please spread the word.

Sadly, several of our fundraising projects were derailed by the tragic events at school in December. We are working hard to recover, but need help to reach our goal of $4800. Each $400 sponsors one ‘future engineer.’ If you can donate, or know someone who can donate to our cause, please contact Laura Hays at 505.334.9414 or [email protected]

• Key Club is student led, service leadership club that provides countless hours of service to our school and community. Two of our signature projects are the Movies in the Park all summer and the Halloween Haunted Village for Charity. Upcoming projects include Pennie for Patients and the Spring Blood Drive. Anyone interested in learning leadership skills through participating in service projects is invited to attend. Due to having two lunches, Key Club now meets Thursday mornings at 7:35am in Mrs. Klein’s room 802.

• Aztec High has accepted the challenge of helping to find a cure for Blood Cancer! Over the next 3 weeks, our school will be working to reach a goal of $1000. The Pennies for Patients campaign will run from Jan. 22 – Feb. 16. Boxes have been delivered to sixth hour classes along with information about the 6th period class donation competition and how to build an individual or class web donation site. Prizes will be: 1stPlace, an Olive Garden Pasta Party, 2nd place will be ice cream floats and sundaes, and 3rd place will be ice cream novelty treats. To be eligible for the Pasta Party, the winning class must raise over $75. Also, Ms. Shea has agreed to have two hat days. For a dollar donation, students can purchase a pass to wear their hats for the day on February 9th & 16th. So start bringing you change, set up a class web page, use your social media contacts, buy a hat pass, and let’s meet our goal of $1000 this year.

• Science club is coming down to the wire on our two year effort to get students out to Mt Lemmon Observatory Sky School for some training on the big ‘scope, Biosphere Two including the engineering that made it workable, and a tour of the University of Arizona campus. After the tragic events of early December, we were unable to complete some of our fundraising efforts. Any donations would be appreciated. We are also selling firewood that students cut and are willing to bring to you and even stack for you. Check the Talon for our weekly ad, we are certainly willing to work, we just need the opportunities.

• National Honor Society is offering tutoring services during lunch and after school Tuesday and Thursday. Check in with NHS if you would like to have peer help with school work


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