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By Lisa Bailey

Mary Moves Downtown


February 16, 2018

Mary Craig of Mary's Alterations and Quilt It Ya Ya helps Lori Miller of Makers Local select the right fabric for that special project- PHOTO J.R. Sykes-TALON

Mary's Alterations, formerly located on West Aztec Boulevard, has moved to the Quilt It Ya! Ya! location at 201 S. Church, centrally located adjacent to the historic downtown Aztec business district. In conjunction with this move Mary will now be offering alterations and a full-service fabric and notions store under the Quilt It Ya! Ya! storefront.

This past fall Mary was at a point in her business that she was re-evaluating. Considering her options, she thought about relocation. Part of a close-knit family, she listened to their advice and carefully weighed her options. Still confused, in stepped Gail Aspromonte. Gail is former Aztec mayor and long- time owner Miss Gail's Inn and Quilt It! Ya. Gail told Mary, "God told me to stop here". That got Mary's attention. Mary still gets emotional recalling this conversation. Gail's proposal was for Mary to combine their two businesses. Gail told Mary, "I want you to be successful", and is remaining accessible to Mary throughout the transition.

Mary admits, "I'm still in awe". Acquiring the Quilt It Ya! Ya! inventory has helped Mary to achieve her goal of providing Aztec with a fully stocked fabric and notion store, "It gave me the opportunity to expand on what I had been working on". In addition to continuing to provide alterations, fabric and notions and being a drop off and pick up location for Whiteway dry-cleaning, Quilt It Ya! Ya! also offers classes

Inspired by her mother, Mary began sewing at age nine. In fact, she and her sisters were all gifted with artisan skills. Mary had an accomplished career in property management and sales, however, there came a point when she recognized she needed a change.


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