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February 16, 2018

Aztec City Commission Meeting 02/13/2018

J.R. Sykes, TALON

Call to order, Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance opened the meeting.

Meeting agenda was approved by vote.

Michelle Lindsay presented the 2017 annual report on behalf of the Aztec Museum Association. Notably, the museum recognized Monday as an important traffic day and is working to extend hours to capture those visitors. The Museum board estimates an $18,000 annual deficit in operations at this time, and is working to rectify this and ensure viability.

Aztec Police Chief Heal performed a swearing in ceremony for a New Aztec Police Officer Matthew Bedoni, and recognized Will Anderson with a promotion to Corporal. Mayor Burbridge thanked Chief Heal for the extra effort involved in making these presentations public saying "I just wanted to thank you, for bringing the officers to the Commission meeting to do swear -ins and recognitions. It's good for our Commission and our community to see these things happening."

Consent agenda was presented and moved for approval, seconded. Motion Passed.

Citizens Input for items not on agenda - none.

Business Items:

A. Clean Water State Revolving Fund 21 Outfall Line Loan Closing - New loan terms allow the city to finance the project at an improved 1.2% rate and an extended term of 30 years. This is an improvement from the original loan proposal of 3% and 20 years. No prepayment penalty exists. Net savings to the city are estimated at $500,000 over the life of the loan. Loan closing approved as presented.

No other business was presented.

Commissioner Rogers reported on attending the Municipal League conference and networking with lawmakers regarding support for the East Arterial Route (bypass). According to Rogers "They had already ensured the funds were guaranteed into next year."

Commissioner Randall had no report. Commissioner McClure pointed out that early voting had started and that city offices were open for voting 10 hours per day, so there was no reason not to vote. Get out and vote. It was also pointed out that City offices would be open for voting on Friday the last week in February for early voters.

Department reports:

A report from the Judge Carlton Gray, of Aztec Municipal court indicated the state has proposed an increase to offender fees that would help small courts to maintain technology. The fee is proposed to increase from $4 to $10, providing a strong revenue stream for courts to use to keep technology current. Though the Governor has indicated she would veto any increases in fees or taxes, the Judge was hopeful that this would get through.

Report from Cindy Iacovetto, Director of Aztec Senior-Community Center. Cindy indicated that the Third annual Steamers & Dreamers fest was coming up 2/24 and invited all to check it out. Cindy also presented that the center's new carpeting had been installed, and extended much gratitude for the help from various city employees.

Steven Saavedra, Director of Community Development presented that the Metropolitan Redevelopment Area (MRA) study is ongoing and requested more input from community members.

Meeting was closed with a Motion to adjourn.


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