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February 9, 2018

Answers from Victor Snover, Candidate for City Commission, District 4, [email protected], (304)550-7099

Q: What is my plan to return Reservoir 1 back into service?

A: After visiting with members of city staff, I learned of the challenges that our city employees are working to overcome as they make progress on this issue. The bottom line is: the city is currently working the problem and due to the sheer size of the reservoir, it’s important to operate safely to protect personnel and equipment, which requires waiting for the thick layer of silt (approximately 7-8 feet deep) to adequately dry out so the cleaning out of the reservoir can commence. Core samples have been taken and tested to ensure that its safe for water and in the future a liner is planned for the bottom of the reservoir to eliminate any potential leeching of unwanted materials from the soil into the stored water. The accompanying tower is also in need of repair and that project is also currently under consideration for repair/replacement. With the specter of potential summer drought on the horizon, there is also talk of cleaning out the reservoir and using it as a storage this year in the event that its needed to fend off water shortages this summer. I pledge to work with city staff/employees to get this important piece of city infrastructure back up and running as soon as possible and practical and to prioritize its service for the citizens of Aztec.

Q: With the closure of Four Corners Generating Station imminent, property taxes are predicted to increase dramatically. If elected what would you do to manage the burden on area residents?

A: Regarding the closure of Four Corners Generating Station (slated for 2022), I spoke with the San Juan County Assessor’s office to see what impact that would have on Aztec residents. I learned that the brunt of the impact will be felt by the residents that fall into the Central Consolidated School District (Kirtland, NM). For our residents to be affected, the San Juan County Commission would have to vote to increase mill rates for the entire county. As of now, that has not been proposed, but in the event that it does get proposed and/or gets voted upon, I will advocate for a phased in increase over a period of time to help lessen the impact of such an increase. Additionally, I will support and work toward finding renewable energy partners that could potentially take over some of those lost jobs and also help to lessen the hardship placed upon all of us in the county, and specifically, here at home in Aztec.

My plan is to answer the remaining questions next week so as to not take up more space than I already have. Please feel free to reach out to me with your questions and concerns. Thank you to the Talon for providing this platform for the candidates.

I look forward to the challenge ahead!

Victor Snover- Aztec City Commission candidate District 4


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