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February 9, 2018


L-R Victor Snover. Mark Lewis. Joel Barton. Sheri Rogers. Rosalyn Fry

Certified Candidates for Regular Aztec City Commission Election were in full attendance at the Candidates Forum Thursday night as members of a full house of citizens, business owners and others filled Aztec City Hall to hear from the candidates. Questions submitted by citizens via the Aztec Chamber of Commerce were presented to the candidates by a moderator.

Questions covering topics of spending on economic development, the East arterial route, business signage, attracting new business, Aztec Business Incubator HUB, filling the City Manager position, and City policies. The answers were limited to three minutes per candidate and the time limit was enforced by Teri Bailey, President of Aztec Chamber of Commerce.

Since the answers are in aggregate too long to include here, we will sum up the proceedings thus: The candidates responses ranged from mildly unprepared to organized and very prepared. Some, such as Ms. Fry have very strong business experience, and all seem like active, involved community members holding the best interest of Aztec at heart.

Questions taken from attendees in writing and presented one each to the candidates were:

Joel: Q: What is your opinion on City wide WiFi as a utility and its effect on economic development? - A: “I would be interested in what that would cost and entail, having experienced bad wifi at my home.” Joel presented no opinion on a utility or its effect on economic development.

Rosalyn: Q: What will you do to develop outdoor recreation in Aztec? A: We have many outdoor opportunites, and all deserve evaluation. I would also encourage the community to present the commission with ideas.

Sheri: Q: How do you primarily make decisions? A: Listening to community member input and gathering facts.

Mark: Q: How would you encourage families to relocate to Aztec? A: Shine a positive light on the many unique assets Aztec has.

Victor: Q: How would you encourage involvement in city government and reduce Apathy? A: Encourage user friendliness, enhanced website, build on successes, be accessible to the citizens.

After watching the candidates perform under pressure today, it is clear to me that the race is on, and each of these candidates hold Aztec near and dear to their hearts. It is less clear which are qualified to tackle the responsibilities of office. Do your diligence, call em, talk, and form your own opinion, then get out and cast your vote. Watch as TALON publishes the answers to your candidate question in upcoming issues. . - J.R. Sykes, TALON


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