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February 9, 2018

According to a report in the Durango Herald, published Thursday Feb 8th 2018, and supported by investigations done by The Daily Beast & The Southern Poverty Law Center, AHS killer William Atchison, displayed many of the same behaviors as similar killers influenced by the alt-right movement. Specifically a hateful and racist online persona advocating white supremacy and glorifying school shootings.

Reports indicated that the alt-right uses irony and the internet to promote propaganda that is designed to foster and enhance feelings of white nationalism, grievance, injustice, and animosity. Propaganda which calls for radical individual action to save western civilization. The movement targets the lonely, scapegoating marginalized populations including women and ethnicities to place blame for personal shortcomings.

And to think, I once believed the internet was harmless. Smartphones & wifi for everyone ! Perhaps we need to rethink whether access of this type is appropriate for all ages. And whether giving our youth a portable, personal electronic portal to all that is humanity is really as useful a learning tool as some would like us to believe. Recent reports by Nieman labs suggest the CEO’s of these online juggernauts do not use, nor allow use of their own product by their family. What does that say about the product?

As for me, my children can have a smartphone when they are of legal voting age, and self supporting. Untli then, I hope they enjoy the local paper and talking face to face with people. I suspect they will turn out just fine.


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