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February 9, 2018

The Fuel Review 02.09.18

By TALON Staff

Recently, TALON readers have asked: “Why are Durango fuel prices lower than Aztec?” TALON sees this hole in our coverage of local issues, & assigned a local reporter to the task. What follows is the first installment of an ongoing report.

In Aztec, New Mexico this week gasoline prices average $2.59 per gallon for unleaded with similar figures reflected in Farmington ($2.57 average) and Bloomfield ($2.59 average). Prices just 36 miles away in Durango, Colorado average just $2.32 per unleaded gallon.

Our research shows that an overwhelming number of Durango fueling stations purchase from Western Refining as do most stations in Aztec, Bloomfield and Farmington. This is excluding Sinclair, which imports gas from Sinclair refineries out of state.

Other variables include state and federal sales tax on gasoline equaling 37.28 cents per gallon in New Mexico and 40.4 cents per gallon in Colorado.

So while New Mexican buyers pay 3.12 cents less per gallon in sales tax and enjoy access to a local vendor, we pay an average of 25-27 cents more per gallon than out neighbors to the north. Determining the source of this disparity may require additional time, but, we are on the case. More to come in future installments of The Fuel Review here in TALON.


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