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February 9, 2018

Aztec Municipal School District is asking any student that has ridden the school bus, or is eligible to ride the bus, to please make sure they do so on Wednesday, February 14th.

Wednesday, February 14th is a very important day for the Aztec Schools Transportation Department. This day is the 120th day count date where the Public Education Department requires all schools in the state of New Mexico to count all students that ride a school bus. The PED takes the average of the 80th and 120th day student count and mileage data, inputs the data into a formula that calculates the Transportation funding each school will receive for the upcoming school year. The more students that ride the bus on these two specific days, the more funding the school district will receive from the state.

Every year the Aztec Schools Transportation Department has to consume money from the Operational budget to supplement the Transportation budget, which takes money from our schools. Transportation funding for to-and-from transportation, taking students to and from school, is a separate funding stream for our district and one that is not funded at a sufficient level for our district. It is for this reason that we are asking for all the students that normally ride the bus to make sure they are on the bus on February, 14 2018 so that we can receive our fair and equitable amount of funding in the upcoming school year.

AMSD will send out a reminder message to all students in the district before the count date. Thank you for supporting Aztec Schools, more importantly our kids, and we hope to see a lot of students riding the school bus on Wednesday, February 14th!


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