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Aztec Candidates Forum Questions

Submitted by TALON writers and readers


February 2, 2018

So far, talon has received no candidate letters this week addressed to the citizens of Aztec, so we decided to shoot some questions to the candidates from our staff and readers. We think you will find them interesting, and we look forward to publishing any candidate’s answer.

1.) What is your plan to return Reservoir 1 to service?

2.) What are your ideas for Aztecs economic diversification?

3.) With the closure of Four Corners Generating Station imminent, property taxes are predicted to increase dramatically. If elected what would you do to manage the burden on area residents?

4.) According to the Farmington Utility System, Aztec consumers pay a 47.6% higher rate for electricity than Farmington customers. As an Aztec Commissioner how would you address this situation?

5.) The HUB has been a widely debated subject. The city has made the decision to purchase the building ($100,000+) What is your opinion on the HUB? Do we invest further resources in maintaining a Small Business incubator? Or, do we cut our losses and lease/rent or sell the property?

6.) If elected what in your view is the most important civic issue on the agenda?

7.) Are you in Favor or Opposed to the Sunday liquor sales?


Reader Comments

Ron writes:

Where do things stand on by-pass.


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