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Dog Food Legislation


February 2, 2018

Time to Be Pro-active

Important legislation is being considered by the New Mexico Legislature. The purpose is to fund animal shelters and organizations to assist low-income individuals to have dogs and cats spayed and neutered.

Last year San Juan County animal shelters took in more than 7,000 cats and dogs. Unwanted stray cats and dogs transmit disease, dog packs attack sheep and livestock, may carry fleas that cause plague, and stray cats prey on bird populations. Seeing uncared for, loose, wandering animals takes an emotional toll on neighbors, tourists and all of us.

Pet food manufactures now pay $2.00 per year on each brand or product name. Many states charge much more. This legislation increases the annual fee by $100 per year.

The pet food industry is against any fee that may impact profits, implying that they may pass the increase on to consumers. According to Animal Protection Voters of New Mexico: “. . . if every company passed the additional fee down to customers, …New Mexicans would see an average increase … of only approximately $2.46/year per pet-owning household. . .” (See fact sheet at apvnm.org, click on the Legislation tab.)

I’d be willing to pay several times that amount to not see crippled and smashed dogs and cats along our highways.

This legislation is a PRO-ACTIVE solution. Affordable spay and neuter services directly reduce the problem of pet overpopulation.

Senate Bill 51 has been referred to the Senate Finance Committee. Local committee members, San Juan County Senator Steve Neville and Senator George Munoz of San Juan, Cibola, and McKinley Counties, will be influential regarding the fate of this legislation. The House of Representatives companion bill is HB 64.

The Legislative Session ends Feb. 15. Please voice your support now.

Vicky Ramakka, Cedar Hill


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