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February 2, 2018


Booking Report

The following are reported by the San Juan County Sherriffs Department. The people on this list have not had their day in court, and have not been convicted of the charges.

Martin Jacquez, 56, WXT-Failure to Appear

Belarmino Villarial, 46, WXT-Failure to Appear

Larry Loucero, 40, WXT-Failure to Pay; WXT-Failure to Pay; Concealing Identity; BMC - Posession of paraphernalia; Open Container

Lee Benson, 25, In State Fugitive

Anthony Candelaria, 21, BMC - Assault; BMC - resisting or obstructing an officer

Jerry Howlett, 40, WXT-Failure to Appear; WXT-Failure to Appear; Battery (household member)

Elliott Woody, 28, Aggravated Driving While Under the Influence of Liquor and/or Drugs (.16 or above)(1st Offense)

Patrick Atencio, 29, Out of state fugitive; WXT-Failure to Appear; Contempt of court - misdemeanor; Forgery - falsely making or altering - 4th Degree Felony; Forgery - falsely making or altering - 4th Degree Felony; Concealing identity - Petty

Kalub Solak, 20, Out of state fugitive

Candace Victor, 33, WXT-Failure to Appear


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