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By Rosalyn A. Fry
City Commission District 2 Candidate 

City Election Forum

Reflections on my candidacy, Rosalyn Fry


January 26, 2018

I’m as guilty as anyone of only paying attention to city business when my utilities and taxes go up or when the street sweeper doesn’t come through my neighborhood as often as I think it should. When close friends encouraged me to run for the commission I realized I needed more of a serious and comprehensive review of what goes on in city government. I’ve jumped in and have being doing my homework to make sure I understand what is happening in Aztec. The information I’ve gathered from attending commission meetings and workshops, as well as reviewing documents and budgets, has been quite an eye opener. Meeting with department heads has provided me with a new perspective on past and current actions by the city. I’ve appreciated all the information provided by those interviewed. With each interview with a department head or a discussion with a citizen, I find so much to consider when running for the District 2 position.

In the changing economy of the Four Corners the decisions on how we use limited funds is critical. When decisions are made for big expense projects, such as the purchase of the HUB (a business incubation facility), which part of the tight city budget is compromised? The most important asset for Aztec is its employees. What effect does this purchase have on employee wages and benefits, on unfilled positions in critical departments providing city services, or on the purchase of equipment needed by the city?

My commitment to Aztec is to tap into my professional experience to make important decisions by realizing the limits of revenue in our community and using that revenue wisely. I will continue to research available information and talk to department heads to understand best solutions for problems faced in this changing economy. I will respect the taxpayer dollars to make sure we do not waste the limited funds available to us.

I would find it an honor and a worthy responsibility to serve this community that I’ve known and loved for over 50 years. What an extraordinary opportunity we have to make Aztec the jewel of the Four Corners! Please vote on March 6th and let’s work together to move Aztec forward.

Candidates Public Forum will be at City Hall, Feb 8th, at 6 pm. Questions may be submitted in advance for the moderator to ask. If desired, please send question to the TALON editor at

[email protected]


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