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By Bob Carmen
Special to TALON 

Weed Control

Weed season is fast approaching, these helpful tips can save you headache


January 26, 2018

Weed Control

By Bob Carmen, Special to TALON

Weed season 2018 is fast approaching. Weed control in Aztec is important for many reasons. Invasive weeds can affect both agricultural and city living. They choke out native species, can be deadly to your pets or livestock, destroy wildlife habitat, cause increased soil erosion, increase ground water losses, and reduce your property values. Dried and dead weeds can also present a very serious fire danger. They pose a real threat and should be controlled aggressively.

Weeds are spread by wind, water, livestock, animals, hay crop seed, and vehicles. They thrive in areas of newly disturbed land where their deep roots and drought resistance allows them to outcompete native plants. By controlling and preventing the spread of weeds in Aztec we can minimize the negative effects.

There are many methods used in weed control. It is best to use an integrated approach that uses two or more of these methods. For most home landscaping uses a mixture of frequent mowing and spraying with a combination of herbicides will control or eliminate a small weed population. The goal is to prevent weeds from reaching maturity where seeds can spread more weeds. For example a combination of mowing and herbicides can be very effective for some weed species. It is important to use more than one type of herbicide as the weeds will otherwise become resistant. But consistent mowing and application over time can eradicate weeds on your property and end the annual cycle of maintenance. Specific weeds may require additional methods.

Failure to prevent and control weeds guarantees that the battle will go on. A single tumbleweed can disperse 200,000 seeds that are then spread far and wide to new areas that in turn become weed infested. You can help by preventing and controlling the weeds on your property. For more information on Weed Control contact Bob Carman in the Code Compliance Office at 334-7697 or [email protected]


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