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By Jacque Ritchie

Aztec City Commission Meeting 01/23/2018

Aztec Swears in New Officer


January 26, 2018

Jacque Ritchie

SHAWN SCHMITTs wife Bernadita affixes his new badge. PHOTO by Jacque Ritchie-TALON.

Aztec City Commission Meeting 1/23/18

By Jacque Ritchie

Called to order at 6:00 pm. on Tuesday January 23. the Aztec City Meeting began with the invocation, pledge and roll call. Commissioner Katee McClure was absent, a quorum was present. A proclamation was presented, voted on and approved to name January 21-27 2018 as: City of Aztec School Choice Week.

By the authority vested in APD Police Chief Mike Heal, the Aztec City Commission and assembled persons witnessed the swearing-in ceremony of Officer Shawn Schmitt to the ranks of APD. Bernadita the new officers' wife pinned the badge on her husbands' uniform with a smile. Those assembled gave a round of applause The couples three young children, Mariah 8, Luke 4, and Alexandrea 2 were in attendance, and seemed genuinely amused by the proceedings.

Items A thru F on the Consent Agenda were voted on and unanimously approved by the commission. Citizens Input saw no residents with reason to speak out.

New Business included a presentation by Steven Saavedra who lobbied for an Intent to Adopt Ordinance 20-468 Eliminating Conditional Use Requirements, amending confusing conditional chapters and sections as they pertain to office assignments in the downtown area. The commission approved the proposed amendment 4-0.

The commission considered two change orders regarding bid (2018-631) for the Animas River Diversion Project presented by Aztec Director of Finance Kathy Lamb. Lamb explained that although the project was complete the contractor, did not calculate the cost of some materials and the commission needed to ante up another $29,904.68 to rectify the discrepancy.

Engineer Clayton Harrison (CHC Engineers, Durango) stepped up to explain some problems with diversion project mainly that the placement of the head gate was too high and the water was not being diverted properly. The commission voted 4-0 to use $15,056 to pay for the fix. Harrison said that the fix may not be a permanent solution, "We want to keep the fast running water next to the head gate but it's a river, it gonna decide to do whatever it wants."

Dollars for both change orders in the Animas River Diversion project came from the Joint Utilities Fund.

The discussion turned to the eventual closure of the San Juan Generating Station and the adverse effects that will have on property taxes and the economy.

APD Chief Mike Heal addressed the commission regarding the recent school shooting in Marshal County Kentucky. Heal restated for the body his message of courage and healing to the people of Kentucky.

Aztec Director of Community Development Steve Saavedra introduced zoning changes in the form of 'consensus planning' for the downtown area. The public is invited to participate in a workshop and public presentation on downtown development,Thursday January 25, at Boston Music 109 S. Main.

The regular meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.


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