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By J.R. Sykes



January 19, 2018

Our Apology,

Recently we have misplaced something important at TALON and this concerns me. Somewhere in our long and sometimes depressing work involving the AHS shooting we became a little numb, insensitive even. Amid the long hours, and late nights, covering this solemn event in Aztec’s history we misplaced our parental sensitivity.

I am deeply sorry.

We were unaware that parents had requested certain details be omitted from media. But, as my dad would say, “...ignorance does not excuse the mistake.”

Being stand up citizens, Debbie and I have already met with the parent to express our remorse.

I extend my apology from the entire TALON team to the affected families for any errors, and for adding to your burden. TALON staff is made of fathers & mothers, grandmothers, aunts & uncles, & siblings and we share your grief.

J.R. Sykes, TALON


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