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January 12, 2018

Aztec School Bus Driver Ms. Tangela Hayes and Park Avenue student Lexi Kimball, after handling the bus emergency calmly

On January 4, during the morning bus run, the Aztec Schools Transportation Department received an emergency call over the radio from a brave young lady. This young lady was Lexi Kimball, a fifth grade student from Park Avenue Elementary. There was a medical emergency on a school bus that the driver, Ms. Tangela Hayes, was attending to and emergency services were needed. Lexi was asked to call for help over the bus radio.

This is the type of an emergency that the Transportation Department trains and conducts drills for. The Transportation Department runs two bus evacuation drills per year. During these drills, bus drivers discuss with the students what to do if there is an emergency and the driver is hurt. Training includes the operation of the bus radio and what to say (bus number, location, and what happened).

Thanks to Ms. Hayes' training, all of her students on the bus stayed calm and quiet. Lexi operated the radio without hesitation to call for help, and emergency services arrived shortly after.

John Laws, Aztec Schools Transportation Director stated, "Both Tangela and Lexi did an outstanding job staying calm under the circumstances and handling the emergency situation and we are very proud of them!" Ms. Hayes and Ms. Kimball were recognized in the January 11 Aztec Municipal Schools Board Meeting.


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