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By Bonnie Adams



January 12, 2018

Bonnie Adams

Susan Aguirre welcomes everyone to come in to see what her shop has to offer

The Lil Aztec Flower Shop has graced us with the beauty of both their flowers and their positive uplifting spirits for just over a year. Their shop is a bright point on Main Street.

Since they opened the doors at 101 N. Main in Aztec, Susan and Willie Aguirre have become very active in the community. Susan says it is important to, "Participate! Contribute! And attend meetings!"

Susan believes in the future of Aztec as a special place to visit and shop. She dives in to help make that future happen. Her philosophy is to get out and do the work, don't wait for someone else to do it. She always looks for supportive ways to raise funds for local causes. Currently she buys handmade bracelets from a local craftsman and contributes the profits from those sales to the Aztec cheerleaders.

She says the shop has done well over the past year and she is looking forward to continued growth. When asked about her future goals she said, "I've set a goal to encourage people on Main Street to paint and spruce up their buildings." She also commented that, "I'd like to find a way for the kids to be more involved with the businesses, perhaps as interns."


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