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January 12, 2018

In the United States, people are innocent until proven guilty. The people on this list have not had their day in court, and have not been convicted of the charges.

John Williams, 20, Bloomfield, BMC - Lewd or immoral acts; BMC - resisting or obstructing an officer; Distribution with Intent to Distribute Marijuana or Synthetic Cannabinoids (first offense) - 4th Degree Felony; Possesion of Drug Paraphernalia-Mag

Krystal Lieneman, 31, Aztec, WXT-FTA; Failure to Appear

Shannon Scott, 43, Durango, Battery (household member); Possesion of Drug Paraphernalia-Mag; Failure to appear - Misdemeanor

Tomothy Toledo, 31, Bloomfield, Warrant Failure to appear; WXT-Failure to Appear

Jacob Quintana, 28, Bloomfield, WXT-Failure to Appear; WXT-Failure to Comply

Kerry Franklin, 47, Shiprock, Leaving the scene of an accident involving damage to vehicle - Misd; Careless driving; No insurance

Geraldine Augustine, 49, Bloomfield, Failure to Comply - Municipal

Johnny Marquez, 46, Bloomfield, WXT-Failure to Pay; WXT-Failure to Pay

Belarmino Vilarial, 46, Farmington, Breaking and entering - 4th Degree Felony; WXT-Failure to Appear; WXT-Failure to Comply

Johnny Miller, 40, Bloomfield, WXT-Failure to Pay; Driving on a Suspended/Revoked; Proof of insurance to be carried; Expired Registration

Tonika Puerto, 21, Bloomfield, Battery (household member)

Anthony Ignacio, 47, Farmington, WXT-Failure to Appear; BMC - Posession of marijuana; BMC - Posession of paraphernalia


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