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By Lisa Bailey



January 12, 2018

Aztec residents are fortunate to see San Juan Regional Medical Center (SJRMC) expand services in the area under the San Juan Health Partners umbrella. Recognizing the desires in our community, via community assessments and needs expressed to their health care providers, increased medical services will be available at the 120 Llano Street location, often referred to by local residents as the old Post Office.

Many Aztec residents that seek medical care in Farmington need to take several hours out of their day, traveling to and from Farmington, and waiting in doctor’s offices. Now, specialists with practices in Farmington will be available in Aztec. Branch Satellite Clinical Director, Alicia Fredella, shares that, “It just made sense.” Rather than a lot of patients traveling from Aztec to Farmington, now specialists travel to Aztec on a regular basis to see their patients.

With this addition, people could theoretically see a provider during their lunch break and/or before or after work. This is an advantage for people who may be too ill to travel, or for those who may be elderly and/or plagued with chronic illness. Aztec has already had primary care providers available at the San Juan Health Partners location that some call the Aztec Clinic. Although not a walk-in clinic, they attempt to hold “sick visits” for same day patients, and try to accommodate walk-ins when possible. Now, specialists in pain management, mid-wifery, neurology, cardiology and mental health services will all be able to meet patients at the Llano Street location.

San Juan Regional Medical Center looks at demographics and tries to meet the need. Alicia states, “It is an ongoing process, trying to grow it to make sure services are there for our Aztec families.” One phone call to the San Juan Health Partners Family Medicine at 505.334.3404 connects patients with multiple providers and services.

The Aztec location is truly trying to serve the community, and continues to seek more providers and services. Alicia gave the example that a pregnant woman could receive medical care throughout her pregnancy from mid-wifery providers, then her child could transition into the family practice for medical care, all, right here in Aztec. Mid-wifery providers can also address non-pregnancy related female health exams and birth control. “They do it all,” Alicia added.

If you do choose to continue seeing a provider in another city, San Juan Health Partners Family Medicine could help you when needing lab services. Regardless of whether your provider is SJRMC affiliated, lab orders for blood draws can be taken to the 120 Llano Street location. In the spirit of customer service, the staff even offers fasting patients a snack bar and juice after the draw. Alicia shared that they hope to add radiology services soon.


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