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January 5, 2018

J.R. Sykes

AHS Principal Dr. Warman Hall and Assistant Principal Ms. Brenda McNeal show off the new lounge area at the school

As the Aztec High School students left school for their winter break, school personnel were gearing up to do a complete refurbish-remodel of the areas that were destroyed by the recent school shooting. Mr. Grant Banash was prepared to spring into action with his team and have the area ready for students when they returned to school on Jan. 4.

Two classrooms in the 900 building were combined into one "common" area for students and high school staff to use as they choose. There is also an office space between the two halves of the big space, which will be utilized by Ms. LePlatte, a transitional counselor at the school. Dr. Warman Hall, Principal at AHS, said teachers and students will be able to sign in and out of the space as they need.

He also said this will be a quiet study area, not a rec room. "The room will be available for teachers to schedule time, students to have some quiet study time, or reading. It's a learning lounge." There are six TV screens around the room that will make it easy to have presentations from a laptop, or scrolling information.

"A guiding committee, consisting of staff, students and district, picked the colors, and the new name will be announced on Monday," Dr. Hall said. The space will either be called simply "The Den," or "The Tiger Den."

Two computer labs had to be relocated, but the area is still connected to wireless and "computers on wheels carts" will be available to be utilized in the space for large projects.

When the students returned, they found some temporary tables and chairs in the lounge, because the permanent modular pieces haven't arrived.

Hall said, "The students have had a very positive reaction," and were excited to see the new space. He added, "We want the community to know that AHS is prepared to move forward with a strong sense of purpose, and we also want to be able to honor the students that we lost."


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