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Aztec Strong


December 29, 2017

We live in a wonderful part of our world. Not so much referring to the climate but the people of San Juan County; in particular, our young people.

In recent days, the high school students of San Juan County came to the aid of our Aztec students, bringing much needed support. The display of love and concern for the high school students in Aztec is not the norm in many other parts of our United States or our world. We saw that students outside of Aztec had no boundaries or biases. Some sports teams wore orange socks as support, high school in San Juan County painted their town markers orange in support. The attendance at the two funerals was tremendous, black and orange balloons were everywhere along road ways and in businesses. Many business establishments had signs painted on their windows. This is all just part of the support our county people were doing.

Several tremendously talented artists sent art work of team mascots loving and caring for the Tiger mascot. Young people of San Juan County, thank you for being about the average students.

Aztec Strong, yes, we will survive and come out stronger because of this. I can see from the support given there is also Bloomfield Strong, Farmington Strong x 2, Kirtland Strong, Shiprock Strong, Durango Strong, and Bayfield Strong. May God bless all involved with comfort and His love, bringing peace back to each of us. He was also saddened by the tragedy.

Jerry Smiley

Former teacher at Aztec High School


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