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By Debbie Israel



December 29, 2017

Isaiah Mendieta, a junior at Aztec High School, was recently recognized by the New Mexico Association of Chiefs of Police at their annual conference in Albuquerque.

Dr. Warman Hall, Principal at AHS nominated Isaiah for the award because of his leadership skills at the school.

Isaiah said, “It was an EMS call that happened at the school, breaking up fights, leadership through JROTC,” that got him the nomination.

Isaiah traveled to Albuquerque with his dad, Joe Mendieta, to receive his award. The expenses for the trip were covered by the association giving the award.

“It was fancy, I wore my ROTC dress blues. Dinner was super formal,” Isaiah said. “I was a little nervous at first but as the ceremony went on it was pretty awesome. It was different being recognized by the state. I didn’t think I was going to get it.” He received a plaque, which he will hang in his home.

In addition to his activities in school, Isaiah has been a volunteer for the Cedar Hill Fire Department in his spare time for the past year. He just recently graduated from the fire academy at the college. He says, “Now I can fight interior fires.”

As far as the fire academy, he said it was stressful because, after completing his full day at AHS, he attended the classes at the college until 10 PM every night. “It was hard to stick with that and keep up with school classes,” he said. “Now I can sleep!”

Isaiah is the youngest of six children in his family. His plans for the future include joining the military - “Army, Airborne Rangers, hopefully,” when he gets out of high school.

According to Dr. Hall, “Isaiah is a young man that Aztec can be very proud of.”


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