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By J.R. Sykes



December 22, 2017

On this holiday eve, your humble scribe at The Aztec Local News (TALON) is deeply affected by the tragic loss of Paco and Casey. Each of us at TALON are fathers, mothers, and grandparents, who have children in the district and are affected by the incident. Hats are off to the first responders, including Aztec Police Department, Aztec and San Juan County Fire Department & Emergency Management, San Juan County Sheriffs, San Juan Regional Medical Center, Aztec Municipal Schools faculty, staff and administrators and many others.

In years of service as a Marine Corpsman and EMT, I have rarely witnessed such a display of courage, calm, and professionalism. I am honored to share a community with professionals of your caliber.

Your focus and steady hands reduced the damage, contained the evil, and brought our surviving children home. Our heart is deeply grateful.

Watching the outpouring of love, affection, and sympathy in this community during this time makes me proud to live in Aztec.

As the holiday brings us together for warmth and good cheer, we hold in our hearts and prayers the three grieving families, and our Aztec community.

This holiday season, I challenge our community to turn off the electronics. To try and stay connected to people in front of us, and to be present in these moments. Reach out to family, neighbors and strangers to make real human contact. Friends are readily available in person, and they are all the more genuine being by definition, non-virtual. Smile, wave, hug each another, bind old wounds, forgive trespass/es, share joy, sorrow, grief, and love. It is this challenging work that binds us together as community and family, and extends the promise of #AZTECSTRONG to everyone.

Happy holiday and God bless you and yours, J.R.


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