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By Jessica Selph



December 22, 2017

Jessica Selph

Casey's mom, Jamie Lattin, and brother Daniel Gillespie, at the bonfire

Sunday night, Aztec High School students and community members from all over the Four Corners area gathered again for a farewell to our fallen. One bonfire of epic proportions was organized by members of the Tiger Alley Raceway in honor of Casey's mother, Jamie Lattin's request to set fire to our fears. It was meant as a time to gather with friends and family, to listen to music, to laugh, to cry and to sing. Again, numbers nearing the thousands showed in support of this event. Songs from Casey's playlist offered comfort and an additional look into the life of Casey Jordan Marquez. As the fire was lit by mom Jamie and brother Daniel Gillespie, not a dry eye could be found. As the flames grew higher, the crowd was forced back from the heat of the fire and a certain presence filled the air. Was it the spirit of Paco and Casey? Many will say yes, and there is even photo evidence circulating of angelic forms hovering above the flames that night. I myself felt a peaceful air blanketing the night and for a moment we were one. It is said that healing is a process. How long that lasts is up to you, but I know that we all received some measure of healing on Sunday night. Take those moments and use them in the days to come. When the hurt is so deep you feel you cannot continue, remember that we've set fire to our anger and our fears. Casey and Paco have flown to a better place, a place where we can only wait in anticipation to see them again.

Jessica Selph

The beginnings of the bonfire


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