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By Debbie Israel


Monday, Dec. 18


December 22, 2017

On Monday, Dec. 18, community members lined up on Zia St. to help welcome the AHS students back to class.

Parents, friends, and siblings waved posters and balloons, huddling over their coffee and hot chocolate to keep warm, as the students returned for their first day back after the shooting on Dec.7.

People were encouraged to begin assembling as early as 7 am, and stay until about 8:15, when most of the students would be where they were supposed to be.

After most of the community left the street, I found a friend standing on a corner by herself. She was waiting for her daughter to drive past, and she hadn't seen her yet. We visited as I waited with her, and she told me that her daughter was always late, and she had really been trying to get her to be more prompt. As a matter of fact, she said, Gloria, on the morning of the shooting, had been running a little behind, as usual. She knew she had homework to turn in before class, but that didn't seem to make any difference, and she was still late going out the door that morning. Gloria's plan was to head to the 900 building to turn in that paper before class. Fate? Bad habits? Divine intervention? Whatever the reason, she turned out to be safe that morning ... and on the Monday, returning to school, she was, once again, running late for class, but Mom was happy to see her arriving and gave her a smile and a wave as she drove by on her way to class. Late again, but still safe!


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