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By Jessica Selph



December 22, 2017

Jessica Selph

Cheerleaders from around the county attended Casey's services at San Juan College

Sunday December 17th, a mere ten days after losing two wonderful lives all too soon, our community gathered to pay their final respects to Casey Jordan Marquez, all in search of some measure of closure. The morning brought with it a heaviness, the bearing of a task that nobody should have to endure. Hearts all over the state mourned with momma Jamie Lattin and those closest to Casey as they said their goodbyes. The venue had to be large enough to seat numbers nearing the thousands. San Juan College Henderson Fine Arts building was just the space and even that filled up long before service time at 11:00 a.m. Aztec High School football players were there to escort the overflow to the college's Little Theater where mourners could participate via live feed. The service ran near two hours, claiming the attention of news media and facebookers, all joined to catch one final glimpse into the life of the enigmatic Casey Jordan Marquez. She was truly a girl on fire. I don't know what it is about her but she still holds the ability to inspire and uplift others, even from the afterlife.

A presence was felt so strongly at the service, you could swear Casey was sitting behind that stage somewhere, awe struck with the turn out, all in her honor. Cheerleaders from all over the state came to pay their respects, sporting orange for this unspoken leader. Not a hero, as her mom so eloquently requested, but a victim. We gathered to lay to rest another VICTIM of the tragedy that struck Aztec High School on December 7th. Loved ones and teachers gave quite an accurate account to the genuine happiness, kindness and vibrancy that Casey carried with her everywhere she went. They spoke of giggles and smiles, passion and determination, but mostly they spoke of life. A girl who truly lived her life, she loved hard, she made lifelong connections, she touched many lives and she was kind to all.

Casey will forever be remembered as a young lady full of life. It spilled forth from her being, overflowing to everybody that came in her path. James Foster, funeral officiant, pointed out the hard truth, that had Casey had the ability to spread her love to the shooter that took her life, maybe he would not have been in that position to begin with. I believe he is right. Although the day was hard, the family made it a point to end the service on a positive note, challenging each of us to love one another, to not take even one moment for granted, because we never know when it's going to be our last. I don't think anything can be said better that the following quote from Casey's mother, Jamie Lattin: "Well my kid was a pay-it-forward kind of girl. Recognize the less fortunate, be humble, be kind no matter what life throws at you. She was absolutely amazing and we all were blessed to be a part of her life no matter how big or small our part was. She watched over us for 17 years and in the end she helped rid our community of the evil lurking right under our nose. Our angel Casey will always be watching over us, encouraging us to be better than we were yesterday, to lend a helping hand wherever its needed. She has shown us we're not alone. We have a great community to lean on in time of crisis and tragedy. She was remarkable and she will live on in the hearts of everyone she ever met."


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