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December 22, 2017

PARK AVE's Aztec Rocks

Teachers will return to school for an in-service day on Jan. 3.

Students will come back from Christmas Break on Jan. 4.


The next KPTSO meeting will be held on Jan. 8, at 6:30 pm at Presidential Inn & Suites 623 Phoenix Ct., Aztec. It will be a potluck dinner so families can come and not stress about what's for dinner. Bring your kids and enjoy!

The Koogler PTSO group is looking for student ambassadors from each grade to give a student perspective. Applications can be obtained from Mrs. Ashley Lee. The group is also planning to feed teachers during Parent-Teacher Conferences. Their next goal will be to raise funds to provide teachers and students with books and supplies. During Parent Teacher Conferences there will be a raffle of several items from local businesses to earn money to be used toward that goal

Baskin Robbins has offered to sponsor a contest between the grades at Koogler! The contest begins January 4. From January 4 until Feb. 16, each class will be collecting Box Tops and the TUT Class in each grade that earns the most money will earn a Baskin Robbins Sundae Party!!


The staff had an ugly sweater contest and Mr. Brandon Valenzula won the golden plunger award and a $30 gift card.

Park Ave.

Aztec Rocks was created by a 4th grade class at Park Avenue Elementary. Painted Rocks have been hidden throughout Aztec. You can join in by painting your own rock to hide in Aztec and/or finding a painted rock. When you find a painted rock, post a picture with the rock to the Facebook page called Aztec Rocks. The rock artist is anxiously waiting to see who finds the ones they hide. Once you post a picture, hide the rock somewhere else for a new person to find.

If you choose to paint a rock, please write the words "Aztec Rocks" somewhere on the rock. That way the "finder" can locate our group.


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