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By Lisa Bailey



December 15, 2017

Laura Miller of Makers Local recognizes the artist in all of us, “Art is probably every part of our life, we should never limit the definition.” Makers Local is a venue for local artists to show and sell their work. Art is accepted from artists within a 100-mile radius. Laura strives to offer variety, not simply visual art, but functional art, items that can be used or worn. Some examples include jewelry, scarves, ceramics, paintings and carved wood. Laura hopes that Aztec residents will consider the beautiful handcrafted pieces when shopping for special occasions. It is a unique opportunity to support local artisans and buy items “made right here in town, by this person I may know or may have seen in the grocery store.”

Interestingly, Laura has lived in other states and countries including Belize and Africa. But, when she and her husband were looking to settle down, they very intentionally and purposefully chose Aztec. She feels that Aztec’s Main Street is a treasure, noting its rich historical background. “It’s a wonderful community!” Laura exclaimed enthusiastically. She believes Aztec is a very cohesive town, a good place for Makers Local. It is a dream of hers, based in a desire to facilitate the sense of community among residents and the other business proprietors. “Everybody who succeeds in this, helps everybody else.” Those sentiments are reflected on the Makers Local Facebook page that cites, “When you support local business, you support dreams, families and communities.”

This dream seems to be a consummation of many experiences and factors. Having traveled and lived abroad Laura shared, “I’ve seen lots of beautiful art from people who never have the opportunity to share it.” Some have been economically disadvantaged and/or exploited. Laura recognizes that art comes in many forms, a beautiful yard, a welder’s work, “Art is all around us.” She is passionate about people recognizing and cultivating those gifts they have but may not acknowledge. Laura believes, “Art will save your mind,” and that it is important “to keep our hands and our minds and our bodies working.”

Much of Laura’s background is in education, including teaching history and art. She and daughter Chelsea are considering teaching art classes and/or possibly leading art party classes at some point in the future. Most of the ceramic pieces currently featured at Makers Local are made by Laura. Chelsea has lovely watercolor paintings and jewelry offered at the store.

There will be a grand opening on Saturday, Dec. 2 and Laura looks forward to meeting more of the community and business members. Makers Local is located at 103 N. Main in Aztec, the phone number is 505-402-1923. Artists may contact Laura to make arrangements to either rent space or place items on consignment.


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