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December 12, 2017

Aztec Student, age 13

My name is Corbin Israel and I am a student at Koogler Middle School. This is what my day was like on the day of the school shooting at Aztec High School.

I was in my first hour, science, and the principal came on over the intercom and said, “This a lock down! Teachers, lock the doors and turn off the lights! This is not a drill! My teacher told us to go to the corner, sit down and be quite. Every now and then, he and his neighboring teacher would talk under their breath so we would not hear them. Once in a while we would hear the walky talky, but the volume was so low that it sounded like mumbles. After a while I looked at the time and it was 9:15, so fifteen minutes past second hour.

My teacher said, ”As most of you know there was a school schooting at the high school. That was all I have been told to tell you guys. The elementary kids were not told, and some parents will not tell them, so do not tell them.”

Some of us were shocked and some already knew. I was just suprised that some thing like that would happen in a small town like Aztec. Places like Albuquerque, I would get, but not in a town with such a small population of just around 6,000, which is very small compared to places like Santa Fe. I just could not believe that someone could kill two people - take their lives - and commit the two worst taboos, murder and suicide.

EDITORS NOTE: I am very impressed with Corbins willingness to tell his story and begin his personal healing process. Direct personal accounts of your experiences of this tragic event are welcomed at TALON. To tell your story, and begin your personal journey of healing, email us through the TALON website at http://www.aztecnews.com or stop in the TALON office at 408 S. Park, Aztec for a visit with one of our writers. - J.R. Sykes, TALON


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