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December 12, 2017

I wanted to send this out sooner, but I thought I’d wait out of the respect for the victims, the families, and the City of Aztec. I felt they needed sometime to heal and mourn this horrible and tragic event.

What happened last Thursday in Aztec was a horrible event that should never had even taken place. I did not know the victims, but I feel a great sense of sadness in my heart for them and their families that are left to mourn the loss of their loved ones. I have children of my own and I can’t imagine the thought of losing any of them.

It is amazing how we are Blessed to live in an area where we all feel like family towards each other. There are so many beautiful people who are so loving and caring when it comes to things like this. They (we) don’t care about color, race, or religion…they (we) just ask, “what can I do to help.” The communities of Bloomfield, Farmington, Kirtland, and Shiprock were there to help their neighbors of Aztec in any way they (we) could.

It is unfortunate that these tragic events happen so often everyday. When things like this happen we find ourselves scratching our heads wondering why?, or how could this be? We read about things like this happening in other places, and think this could never happen in a town like ours, and when it does, it hits home and breaks our hearts. We have great people that were there when all this unfolded. Hats off to the teachers that protected the students, and to the staff that was there on duty that day. To our Law Enforcement, our first responders, our medical staff, and all those that were there to give a hug or simply some words of encouragement. It is people like this who care for one another that makes the Four Corners what is is…so thank you all for what you do.

We just never know when things like this will happen. I always tell others, hug your children tell them you love them. Children, mind your parents tell them you love them and never be afraid to say you are sorry. This tragedy will never be forgotten. We need to pray for the lives that were lost that day and we must forgive as well. This tragic event has made this community that much stronger and that much closer.

May God Bless the victims that lost their lives that day. May God Bless the families, the City of Aztec and all those that were there to help in anyway that they did. Don’t ever forget…we are 4 CORNERS STRONG!!

May God Bless

David Montoya


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