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December 12, 2017

When 2010 AHS graduate, Austin McGlade, heard about the school shooting, he knew he had to do something to help. His heart searched for a way to give back and while talking things over with his wife, Brandy, they decided upon something art related. That evening was supposed to be spent playing Monopoly with friends, including another AHS grad, Marty Hickman, but McGlade had to get a jump start on his vision. "I told them, I'll play but I'm not really going to be here guys, and so basically I dedicated my time to working on Francisco's piece that night."

The first sketch took a little over four hours and required much input from his friends because "I'm a needy artist like that," he said. McGlade was so pleased with the first sketch that he decided to do a few variations using some digital enhancements.

Casey's sketch came next, taking about the same amount of time, and offering the same variations. Did I mention that this was McGlade's first venture into photo realism? The likeness is so stunning you have to really look to realize it's not a printed portrait. So stunning actually that I reached out for permission to use the photos in our parade tribute. The answer was an immediate yes, and after bouncing around a few ideas of what to do with them afterward, it was decided to stick with the artist's original wish, to simply present them to the families of the victims to cherish forever. "I knew we couldn't help financially but I still had to do something. I'm glad I could give back with my art," McGlade says of his donation to the community.

A second set of the portraits, with tiger stripes, will also be presented to the Aztec Schools for display at the high school.


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