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By J.R. Sykes



December 8, 2017

This evening, I work to catch some breath from a day that will be remembered for generations. As a resident of Aztec and a parent of school age children, this feeling is shock. I have not been fully able to reconcile my soft filtered love for Aztec to the horror perpetrated on this bright crisp December morning. It is not at all clear whether that reconciliation will ever come.

Our first responders, arrived at the high school in a blistering minute and demonstrated impressive bravery, and professionalism as they secured the area, and then entered a hostile building to secure the students. I witnessed the strength of our children as the men in blue led students from the school across Zia street to be secured at Lillywhite Gym.

Later, walking among the hundreds of parents gathered at City Hall, the anger, frustration, and fear in my heart was echoed in the eyes of neighbors and friends. Parents and children held hands and shoulders as they shuddered with tears. Neighbors hugged and searched other faces for signs of hope, and I am reminded of the strength of this town.

Everyone in our town and county has lost much on this dark day. We have lost something great and precious. Our innocence that “it can’t happen here” is now only a memory.

During the next days, as details of the incident unfold, there are certain to be heroes and horrors enough to go around. Rumors and reports of half truths should be expected to saturate social media, but do not be distracted or deceived. Factual updates will be posted on http://www.aztecnews.com and TALON’s social feed over the upcoming days.

Lets rise up and join together to extend a helpful hand to our neighbors in this difficult time. Remember to go gently when dealing with each other, as everyone has lost something, and some have lost all.

The Aztec Local News (TALON) and staff share the sorrow, and heartbreak of our friends and neighbors. Our prayers and the prayers of everyone in Aztec go to the parents and family members most affected by this terrible event.


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