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By Jessica Selph



December 8, 2017

Something that parents hope to never ever hear was heard round our community early this morning.

“Hey, doesn’t your son go to Aztec? You might wanna call him because there’s an active shooter at one of the schools.”

Uhh, heart stopped, jaw on floor. That is the moment your world stops....

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Reader Comments

NickiMahan95 writes:

This was an amazing story! So true to the terrifying moments endured on that day. I have listened to student accounts of that day over and over again. They never get easier to hear. But this article lets the kids know we as a community are listening. We hear your hearts breaking! We are a small community filled with mighty people. Thank you for the amazing article Jessica Selph. We all know it had to be so hard to write. We are #Aztecstrong


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