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By Jessica Selph



December 8, 2017

Something that parents hope to never ever hear was heard round our community early this morning.

“Hey, doesn’t your son go to Aztec? You might wanna call him because there’s an active shooter at one of the schools.”

Uhh, heart stopped, jaw on floor. That is the moment your world stops. Where are my babies? I call the school, no answer, call my child, no answer. Call another child … whispers. “Hello?” “Honey I heard there is a shooter at one of the schools, are you ok?”

“Mom, I’m ok. He’s still here, it’s still going on. I have to go ok?” I hit the floor. I cried, I prayed, I tried to process … it didn’t happen.

It still hasn’t happened, and it will not for some time. Especially for those who’s outcome was far worse than mine. My son, thank God, is physically unharmed, but emotionally, not the case. In the daunting task of interviewing these dear little ones I despair at the knowledge that many have seen far too much.

My first interview gives an account of the very beginning of the chaos. AHS student Isabella Wells says, “I was headed into the office to deliver some papers when Mr. Sanders (AHS Athletic Director) came running out yelling “Oh my God there’s a shooter, issue a lockdown, call 911.” Everybody didn’t know what to do. It was really scary, it was terrifying.”

I would like to point out here that I truly believe one unnamed custodian may have saved the lives of hundreds of students. There is a report that he caught a glimpse of the shooter beforehand and immediately radioed in that there was a shooter in the building. Moments later the schools fire alarm system was set off. Mr. Sanders jumped, quite literally, into action and announced over the PA for students to remain in their classrooms. This tragedy is hard enough to process with the two wonderful souls that we’ve lost already but I shudder to think of the possibilities had this information not been passed so quickly. Two dead bodies in one day, that’s what many students had to endure today.

Freshman Diante Wilson explains his account. “ The FBI escorted us out and they told us not to look down, but by the water fountain I saw two dead bodies. It was kinda (long pause) nasty to look at.” When I asked Diante if he felt like other kids maybe looked down even though they were told not to, he replied “yea, (another long pause) a lot of ‘em did.” Dante’s class was being escorted to the AHS gym where they were transferred to McGee Park for parent pickup.

Our high school has been absolutely shaken to it’s core and how we recover, I do not know. We are all curious as to the many details will unfold. For now, we gather round. We hug our loved ones, we count our blessings, we give thanks for the family and friends calling and stopping by, but we do not forget.

District Superintendent Kirk Carpenter issued this statement as he arrived at McGee Park: “Well, this is obviously a dark day. We’re going to do all we can to take care of our kids and our staff. As we get details, we will make them available to everybody. We are just so sorry for the families that lost their children.”


Reader Comments

NickiMahan95 writes:

This was an amazing story! So true to the terrifying moments endured on that day. I have listened to student accounts of that day over and over again. They never get easier to hear. But this article lets the kids know we as a community are listening. We hear your hearts breaking! We are a small community filled with mighty people. Thank you for the amazing article Jessica Selph. We all know it had to be so hard to write. We are #Aztecstrong


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