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November 17, 2017

To the Editor,

The city of Aztec is at a crossroads and soon, voters will head to the polls to decide the direction our city will take over the months and years ahead. With three of the five City Commissioner positions up for election and the added possibility of a special election for Sunday alcohol sales, this is an exciting time in our city’s history.

I’ve spent the last few months, meeting with community members and leaders to learn about our history in the City Commission but also to prepare for our town’s rich future. After careful consideration, I have decided to seek election to the Aztec City Commission. Aztec is uniquely positioned to transform itself into a destination for travelers, tourists, young professionals, and families looking for a safe and vibrant community to live, work, and thrive. Our priority must be diversifying our economy if we want to attract new residents. We need leaders that understand the importance of partnering with civic and non-profit organizations to share ideas and resources.

I support the need for term limits for Commissioners, not because of ineffectiveness or any other negative concerns, but because government at all levels should have a continuous influx of new people that are able to bring fresh and unique perspectives to the position along with encouraging citizen involvement in their government and community.

Before retiring and then teaching at our local high school, I served for 22 years in the military with the US Navy and US Army. I have the experience necessary to lead and form coalitions between groups of all walks of life and have worked over the last few years to bring approximately $750,000.00 into the community in materials, labor, and cadet wages that get spent in, and serve benefits to the local community.

My wife, Camellia, and I have been married for 18 years, have raised four wonderful children, and are proud to call Aztec home. I believe government should work for the citizens of our city and that we, as citizens, should feel that our local officials are proactive in the actions they take and the initiatives they pursue as a Commission. I think that too often we allow ourselves to delay action on important matters instead of taking the time to find a way to make things happen. I always tell my students to try to find a path to say “yes,” instead of being too quick to make an excuse for why something can’t get accomplished. I will bring this same approach to everyday and every problem that we face in Aztec if given the opportunity to serve as a City Commissioner. I look forward to meeting with people to discuss their hopes and concerns over the weeks and months to come as we prepare for this amazing opportunity for our city. Forward thinking leadership for ALL of Aztec!

Victor Snover, Aztec


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