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By Lisa Bailey



November 10, 2017

Jacque Ritchie

Sandi Harber, owner of Urban Rebel Antiques on Main Avenue on Main

Refreshing is the word that comes to mind when seeing, entering and speaking to new business Urban Rebel proprietor Sandi Harber. The storefront, located at 208 S. Main is vibrant and draws attention. The store features pieces that are traditional and trendy so expect to experience unmistakable energy surrounding Sandi. It seems that she has found her niche in the historic downtown Aztec business area.

For her, this is a natural progression of life's journey and interests. Sandi said she has always been a collector of antiques, and "uniques," and she is an artist in her own right. But she does not paint landscapes, portraits, or even abstracts. She does paint everything else though; furniture, fabric, wood, counters, chalkboards, doors, etc. You name it, she has probably painted it! The business was Sandi's brainchild when she and her husband Bryan decided to take the leap of faith. Why? She has always had an eye for the things that are featured in this business, and she thought of turning her hobbies into a business. With her husband's proposed retirement approaching she recognized that if it was ever going to happen she needed to "do it now."

Aztec residents may recognize Sandi as one of the participants in last summer's Founder's Day celebration historic walks. She led the tour dressed in her periodic costume. She also wore a costume passing out fliers prior to the Founder's Day parade. She is very energetic, and jokes that she needs someone to "pull her in."

Urban Rebel is not limited in the items that they offer for sale. Sandi is always willing to "think outside the box!" She believes in that philosophy in her art, and in her life. If people have a special order or want something that is not offered, just ask! Whatever is happening at Urban Rebel, it's working. It's a busy little shop! There are classes, special events, private parties, and more.

One might wonder the origin of the name, Urban Rebel. Back when Sandi was starting this venture she and Bryan were brainstorming for business name ideas. Her father-in-law had owned a car lot that used the name Rebel, and she liked that. When she thought of the name Urban Rebel her husband questioned her, "Aztec isn't really urban?" Perhaps that is key, part of the "rebel." Sandi feels that she is somewhat of a rebel. She is an excellent contribution to our downtown business district.


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