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By Jacque Ritchie



November 10, 2017

In the state of New Mexico there are 1,209,190 registered voters according to Joey Keefe the Communications Director for the Office of the NM Secretary of State. Keefe says currently 557,960 are Democrats, 370,895 are Republicans, 35,798 registered as other and 231,544 declined to state their political affiliation. The bluest, or most Democratic county in the state is Taos, with Santa Fe and the Navajo Nation also leaning primarily to the left. Albuquerque is a little lighter blue due, according to Keefe, to the high number of government and defense jobs.

Lea is the most republican leaning county in the state with 73.7 percent voting for Romney in 2012. The entire eastern side of the state lists to the right.

With a reported total of 69,882 registered voters, San Juan County is considered pink. Keefe said, as of September 2017, 31,457 voters registered in San Juan County as Republican while 21,286 are Democrats leaving 3,089 others, include Green Party and Libertarians and 14,050 declined to state political affiliation.

Drew Degner is chairman of the SJ County Republican Party. He says that he became involved partly out of frustration. “I think we as a party are frustrated at a federal level. I know it must sound amazing that you hear that from a Republican but it’s the truth.” Degner said, “Here we have a Republican president and we control both the house and the senate and nothing gets done.” Degner contends, “We got these people elected, we worked tirelessly to get them in there and it seems when they get to Washington it doesn’t matter which party they’re in, it’s the same nonsense every time. It’s really frustrating.” Despite the Republican Party’s 10,000 plus advantage over Democrats in SJC, Degner believes that more Republicans on the rolls would be beneficial to the future of the community,”We need to give it our best shot and work to change the party from within, not change the platform necessarily, but work to get people elected that will carry out republican principles.” What are republican principles specifically? “We believe that our liberties are bestowed upon us naturally by God and not man. That the government was established to protect those liberties and not take over our lives or our responsibilities as citizens.” If Degner could offer any advice to our president he said, “I don’t want to say turn-off Twitter because that’s how he got elected but, I guess I’d just say, stay the course and be strong, keep on trying to get things done the best way you can.” Degner concluded, “I think he truly believes in the country and what we stand for as a nation.”

Anyone wanting to get involved with the SJ County Republican Party can call 505-327-9079. Four Corners Federated Republican Women also meet on the first Thursday of each month, 11:30 AM, at the Pinon Hills Community Church in Farmington.

Victor Snover is the SJC Democratic Party Ward 3 Chair. Ward 3 covers the Aztec school district and dips into the Bloomfield area. Snover was elected as chair in March of 2017 and was inspired to run for local office by former president Obama’s farewell address, “I’m paraphrasing here but he said, ‘Don’t get mad, get involved or if you’re gonna get mad, get involved too, don’t just sit there and scream at your TV every night.’”

“Looking forward,” Snover said, “We need to find people to run at all levels of government, from school board to state legislator, and on the national level. As a ground level politician myself, I feel like we need to start finding and grooming quality candidates that represent our democratic values.” For Aztec, Snover said he would like to see more economic diversity in our community. “I’m not necessarily saying that I’m for or against the energy industry, but I do think that it’s only smart economics to diversify your portfolio so to speak, to be able to weather the storm ... with the rise and fall of natural gas prices.” Snover said, “We need to get more small business into downtown Aztec.” When asked what, if any advice he would offer the president if he could, Snover said, “That’s a loaded question, I would say listen to his advisors and to the American people. He needs to be a little more cognizant of what the American people are saying to him. He needs to be the people’s president not just the millionaire class that he has surrounded himself with ... and get off of twitter.”

Snover said anyone who wants to get involved with the Democratic Party can start by coming to a meeting. Meetings are held every third Thursday of the month at different wards in the county. Anyone wanting to get involved with the Democrats can call Victor at (304) 550-7099 or email to [email protected]


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