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By J.R. Sykes


On Student Success


November 10, 2017

After a few days of mourning, I dragged myself up from the depression sparked by the release of the recent Aztec schools report cards. Our family has two kids in the Aztec system, and we own property and businesses, so of course, I am invested in the schools performance. I pulled together the TALON team and asked for ideas: Could TALON help the schools and students? How? Some good ideas came out, and we began to study the situation.

I met and discussed the grades and our ideas with Aztec Schools Superintendent Kirk Carpenter as well as individual faculty, principals, and administrators. This collaboration has been productive, and a plan has been sketched out.

With the input, consultation, and collaboration from our school district, we have determined that TALON can best serve the community’s needs by expanding local school news coverage, promoting successes, awards, wins, scholarships and more. To that effort, TALON has committed dollars and reporters to work closely with the schools to bring this news to the community.

Over the last few issues, you have seen the beginning of this effort. It is TALON’s goal to eventually produce four pages of school news in each issue. This will require the support of school administrators, faculty, and students in the form of news tips and submissions, and also the support of subscribers and businesses.

In something akin to the circle of life, everyone in the local news system relies on one another. TALON relies on advertisers and subscribers who support the gathering, writing, editing, photographing, printing, and the distribution of our community news with dollars. We also rely on readers and community members for news tips and engagement. Organizations rely on ads supporting the businesses who support community services, and wages to support employees. Citizens rely on TALON to gather, document and share the activities of schools, government, businesses, non-profits, and neighborhood issues. It’s an economy, everyone has a role and without everyone the circle will be broken.

So the question is: How will each of us support our kids, our community? Will we sit by and count our digital pennies while it dries up?

If you own or operate a business, will you invest in helping us publish school successes? Will you price competitively for the market, widely advertising and promoting your offerings to bring visitors and locals to shop in town? Citizens, government, and organizations of every stripe, will you shop local FIRST? Will you commit to supporting community business even if it takes an extra hour? To and work with local business to obtain wants and needs? Will you allow that an on-line-only retailer DOES NOT PARTICIPATE in the costs of supporting our community?

A newspaper’s centuries old work is to bring the community together to focus on important issues, to hold government accountable to voters, and to capture the first draft of history for the community. A work thought important enough to be protected in our constitution and defended time and again by our veterans everywhere. This work accessible to every man/woman/child, requiring no app download, software updates, nor batteries. If you want this to work, it is in your hands that our future rests. TALON is committed to doing our part, will you do yours? To participate in local community news, its easy, subscribe, advertise, read, call TALON today 505-334-1039.


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