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By Debbie Israel



November 10, 2017

All County Commissioners were present for their regularly scheduled meeting on Nov. 7.

During the meeting, commissioners discussed a change of hours for the County Clerk’s office. San Juan County Clerk Tanya Shelby told commissioners that she has several concerns about being the only county office open on Fridays.

“Safety for our employees is a primary factor,” Shelby said. She added that they recently had an incident on a Friday that made her question the safety of the people working. “One of the ladies walked down the hall to take a break and found a man sitting in the employee brake room,” she related. “We didn’t know who he was or where he came from. He had a backpack with him,” she said. Since no other office in the building was open, no one saw the gentleman come in.

Shelby said the other two big factors are public confusion and monetary savings for the county, being able to shut utilities down on Thursday evening instead of Friday evening. About the confusion, she said, “The public is not sure who’s open and who’s not, and a lot of times we can’t help them ... they want to pay their property taxes and we can’t take that money.” She said the Clerk’s office will still be open for special elections and early voting. The last time this subject was brought up, the decision to stay open on Fridays was made because many times Realtors need to file paperwork on Fridays in order for a sale to be finalized. Shelby said several months ago, the office implemented a way to take care of those filings remotely, and the process was so seemless that Realtors didn’t even know anything had changed. Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the resolution. The new hours will become effective in February, 2018.

Other items approved by commissioners with unanimous votes included:

• Fund for San Juan Regional Medical Center to make renovations to their emergency room. The funds for the renovations come from Gross Receipts Taxes.

• A Memorandum of Understanding between the BLM and the County for improvements to the trails in the Glade Run Recreation Area.

• Award of Proposal 17-18-05, which provides property and casualty insurance for San Juan County. The proposal was awarded to Kysar Millenium Leavitt. Kristi Galloway Risk Manager for San Juan County, said they had received five responses to their RFP, and they were all very competitive.

• Application for financial assistance to update the county’s comprehensive plan as it relates to economic development. Mike Stark, Chief Operations Officer, told commissioners that it would take six to twelve months to update the plan. He said that 2007 was the last time it was updated, and that San Juan County had just recently become eligible to apply for the funds again.

• Award of Proposal 17-18-04, for engineering and consulting services for Bridge 8130 on County Road 5500. Public Works Administrator Fran Fillerup said they had invited 23 firms to bid on the RFP, and only got three responses. The proposal was awarded to T.Y. Lin International Group. Fillerup added that Federal funds had been applied for to help with the construction, but no reply has been received yet. He said there are no state funds available as they are all committed for 2018.

• Fillerup also told commissioners that the testing had been completed on the old Cedar Hill bridge and that he was waiting for the report, which should be to his office soon.


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