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By Jessica Selph



November 10, 2017

If you're curious as to who has taken the lead in the 2017 Sorehead campaign you're in luck because I have a name, actually two...it's a tie. A tie so early in the game? Yes! We are lucky to have two nominees that have embraced the role of Aztec's Sorehead with spirit and energy. Colby King and Teri Bailey have earned this week's honorary mention for outstanding citizens here in Aztec by campaigning and fundraising. Outstanding citizen you say? Yes again. Fundraising is no easy task folks, which is precisely the reason for the very first Sorehead campaign in 1969, the only year Aztec received its prestigious "All American City" award, Aztec needed help with raising funds. Rallying supporters for the same cause, that is what we are trying to bring back folks. Not just another fundraiser for another good cause, that's not enough. We at the Talon have set to impart excitement and purpose into this great city by rallying support for this year's beneficiary, the Aztec Boys and Girls Club, and for each of our Sorehead nominees. Can we get back to a culture worthy of another "All American City" nomination? I believe we can. Join us in our fight to make a difference, donate to your favorite Sorehead today.

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