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By Jacque Ritchie



November 3, 2017

Jacque Ritchie

Dan Galvan, owner of Fun & Rustic Antiques

"I've always been interested in natural history and art so I collect along those lines," said Fun and Rustic Antiques owner Dan Galvan. The Orange County, California native came to New Mexico in 1993 and settled in Bloomfield about two years ago. Galvan has been collecting antiques and various oddites for decades and his new Aztec shop is basically the over-flow from his home. "Years ago I became fascinated by the British Empire so I began collecting anything with that feel," Galvan explained as he pointed out two hand painted Bossons figurines. In part of the shop African art is the theme, and then it's off to India. Hey, over there we are in jolly ol' England with a gilt pitcher depicting a fox hunt. Want to spruce up the man cave? How about a genuine zebra hide throw rug or some antelope horns. This is not your usual southwestern howling coyotes kind of shop, no sir. Fun and Rustic is not your grandmas' antique shop unless your grandma was Jane Goodall. The Galvan collection is exotic to be sure but it has an ethereal poetry to it, at reasonable prices.

Galvan, an admitted Steam Punk fan, has an easy-going style and will gladly tell the story of when and where he acquired various pieces. "I'm constantly looking for things that are interesting to me, they don't necessarily have to be antique, I just want pieces that have a style that speaks to me." The small shop, located at 103 W. Chaco, is a delightful blend of antique, quality reproductions and vintage folk art. It's like the Audubon society meets Laurence Sheehan.

The Fun and Rustic storefront recently underwent a colorful upgrade with fresh paint on the the trim. Aztec Flower Shop owner Susan Aguirre started the trend when she brought in Durango painter Argus Barnes to give her shop a little pop of turquoise. Aguirre, Barnes and Galvan have joined forces to start their own "beautify downtown Aztec" movement, "It's become a community effort to brighten-up downtown," Galvan said. The shop owners and artist have begun soliciting neighboring shop owners to step-up and freshen-up their storefronts with some success. "We really didn't know him (Barnes) that well. Sue met him and before I knew it, we were painting all over. It's a real happening, it's a thing," Galvan said.

So far for Galvan the Aztec experience has been a positive one. "The folks at Key Mortgage have been great to me, they really worked with me on rent and gave me a very reasonable, doable rent. That is why I have been able to do this." Going forward Galvan said he would like to see downtown Aztec become "a little more like Durango." According to Galvan, "I think it can happen we just need to bring in more creative businesses, we need to attract a more creative coffee bar kind of crowd, that sort of thing."


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