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Soreheads - The Only Election Everyone Can Afford To Buy


November 3, 2017

Aztec's 2017 Sorehead campaign is officially underway. Editor-in-chief here at the TALON, J.R. Sykes, eloquently pointed out that this campaign is to focus on the community working together and getting involved more than anything else. Even so, the friendly competition makes things more interesting and it's refreshing to see our Soreheads play along. The nominees are: Teri Bailey, Colby King, Kim Garcia Bixler, Randy Hodge, Kent Dusenbery and Mike Henderson. Each nominee has received a donation bucket to collect votes. One vote costs one penny, the nominee with the highest amount of votes by December's Sparkle parade gets the bragging rights. The money will be donated to the Aztec Boys and Girls Club as a way to invest in our youth, hopeful that they will join our platform and continue the tradition that dates back to 1969.

Just what is this Soreheads thing all about? A question I've been asked many times and there will be more to come, but for now, these Sorehead nominees along with the TALON news team have a desire to make a difference and to continue a tradition worthy of being revived. Six citizen's of Aztec, who instead of being sour as the title implies, go above the norm to give a smile, one that inspires change, and of course raises funds, and more importantly, awareness for the cause. Let's throw out a safe average of raising $1,500 every year since the campaign's beginning in 1969. That would leave us with an accumulative total of over $70,000 raised by Aztec citizens and TALON for the benefit of the community. Past recipients of Sorehead campaign funds include the Aztec Animal Shelter, Aztec High School, Aztec Boys and Girls Club, Aztec Skate Park, Aztec Girl Scouts, Mosaic Academy, you get the idea. All the funds stay right here in Aztec. So let's get excited folks, I know this may seem "undignified" as naysayers put it, but who really gets through this life without a little embarrassment here and there? Get behind your favorite Sorehead and join their campaign to make a difference in our little community.

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