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October 27, 2017

As with any city or town, the goal is to continue to grow and in the process, evolve by investing in various types of business developments – small business, farming, healthcare, quality of life, education, resources for seniors and housing, it's natural environment, support for open spaces, and groundwater protection, to name a few.

One factor that moves a town to be successful (or not), are its elected officials and city staff. With the announcement of the resignation of Aztec City Manager Josh Ray, the town will now begin to search for a replacement for the City Manager position with a skill set that includes technical skills, such as budgeting, human resources, project administration, and technology. Most importantly, the city will need an individual that possesses skills in team leadership, team-building, conflict resolution, listening, communication, supervision, and other people leadership skills.

Although a bit early, elections will take place in March of 2018 for City Commissioners. Citizens of Aztec should begin to look for candidates that possess much of the same skill set. Equally important, are those candidates who have a passion for the City of Aztec; a candidate that is voted in not because they are pushing their one issue or their agenda, but because they have the ability to handle a multitude of issues (sometimes thousands) on an ongoing basis; one that knows about the bottom dollar; business; about teamwork; has varied interests; and ultimately, consider a selection of leaders who understand and can lead according to morality and righteous observance of the law and in the best interest of the City of Aztec.

Get ready Aztec. Look hard, be selective, do your homework. This is not a popularity contest.


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