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October 27, 2017

Recently the City Commission pulled an item from our agenda that would have given approval to place the Sunday Alcohol Sales question on the March General Election Ballot. (This question is for single serving sales in restaurants or bars on Sundays – Sunday package alcohol sales are already legal and occurring at established package sale locations, i.e. Safeway.) The Commission chose to remove the item based upon the advice of the City Attorney.

Initially, advice was sought from the NM Secretary of State’s office where the City was advised that the Commission could vote to place the Sunday Single Serving question on the General Election Ballot in March. The City Attorney has since received and reviewed a legal opinion from the NM State Attorney General’s office stating that the City Commission does not have the authority to simply vote to place the question on the March General Election Ballot. Two differing opinions by two departments of the State.

So, that means, based upon the NM State Attorney General’s opinion, the Sunday Single Serving Sales question will need to go through the petition process which must be initiated by members of the general public. While I do not have the specific details for this process, the basic outline is this:

1. Petition circulated and signed by registered voters who live in the City of Aztec boundaries;

a. Petition signatures must be collected within a specific time;

b. Signatures must be certified as those of registered voters living within the City of Aztec.

2. Petition then places the question on the City Commission Agenda to Hold a Special Election for the Sunday Alcohol Sales Question.

3. Assuming City Commission votes in favor of holding a Special Election, a Special Election is scheduled within a specific time after the most recent municipal election.

As stated, I do not have all of the specific details about the process at this point. Mr. Thrower will be at the City Commission meeting Tuesday evening if there are questions for him about this process after the meeting. Our City Clerk, Karla Sayler will also be attending Election School next week and will be able to learn more about the process.

As soon as we have specific details about the process and how it works, we will share with the public.


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