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Facts about the Aztec School District


October 27, 2017


Facts about the Aztec School District

• 1863 legislature required the establishment of public schools in all communities

• 1880 the men of the Aztec community built a school house that was 15 feet wide and 18 feet long. There was a fireplace at one end and a door at the other. Each side had a window with glass in it, a luxury that most homes did not have.

• 1895-1897 public school organization occurred in this territory. The county was divided into 24 school districts, Aztec being one of them. One county superintendent housed in Aztec oversaw all 24 districts.

• April, 1900 money was appropriated for San Juan College to be known as Aztec Normal School.

• August 3, 1925 board minutes report teacher contract discussion regarding the workday which was from 9am to 4 pm. The number of holidays could not exceed 6, 3 each term. Teachers chose which they would take.

• March 27, 1940 board minutes show a group of local business men reassure the Board their support in securing a new gymnasium, auditorium and vocational building under a Works Projects Administration (created by FDR during the Great Depression)

• April 19, 1940 board minutes show hiring of new teachers, the highest salary documented was for $945.

• September 26, 1941 board minutes show a bill of $7.50 was paid for kindling for half a year.

• September 1954 Aztec dormitory was established, housing 20 students ranging from 2nd to 12th grade. Border town dormitories were created to relieve the crowded school conditions on the reservations and to integrate Native American students.

Sources: James Magee, former AMSD Superintendent, AMSD Board Minutes, Aztec: A Story of Old Aztec from the Anasazi to Statehood by C.V. Koogler and Virginia Koogler Whitney, 2013-2014 Kinteel Residential Campus Student Parent Handbook.


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