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October 27, 2017


Some stories intrigue us and capture our curiosity by ignoring any practical explanation. There are local legends telling of "The Ancient Ones" who still inhabit Aztec Ruins and of ghostly white apparitions that walk the hallways in a local hotel.

We are continually fascinated by unbelievable stories that "might be true." It doesn't matter whether the story is proven as fact or not; it is human nature to be intrigued by those things that defy logic. Despite protests to the contrary, many people are reluctant to speak about personal experiences because they are afraid of being ridiculed. The truth is that there are many stories about certain experiences that have no logical rationalization. To the people who experienced the incidents below, there was no denying the fact that it was real.

"When my sister and I were young, I was about 8 and she was 6, we were living in a trailer park next to the wash on Light Plant Road across from Koogler Junior High School. We both woke up because it sounded like someone was playing a band outside. It was really late and suddenly, a group of men started walking down our hallway. We were terrified and frozen on our bed as they marched down our hallway in front of us, each man staring ahead. We could see them pretty clearly. They wore some type of uniform and what looked like helmets on their heads. We thought it was a marching band because the guys in the front were playing drums. After what seemed like hours, the last person walked by and the house was quiet. My sister and I both ran in and woke up our mom. Of course, she didn't believe us and told us we were just dreaming. Later that year, my class studied New Mexico history and I saw pictures of Spanish soldiers and they were wearing the same clothes as the men who marched through our trailer. I don't really care what everyone else says, my sister and I know what we saw."

"My family lived on Ruins Road and one of the strangest things happened one time when my cousins and I were playing outside right before it got dark. This was probably about forty years ago before Ruins Road was paved. The irrigation ditch ran adjacent to the road and beside the ditch grew 'jaras' or small willows. We were pretty involved in playing when one of my cousins stopped and pointed over at the ditch. We all looked and saw what seemed to be a thin white sheet drifting in and out of the 'jaras.' At first, we thought that it might be one of the neighbor kids playing a trick on us, then we realized that the cloth wasn't getting stuck on any of the branches as it moved downstream and had a strange glow. My cousin ran in to our grandparent's house and my grandpa grabbed a rifle and ran outside. We all stood there and watched as it moved closer. Grandpa shot at it a couple of times as it got closer and then we all noticed that whatever it was, it was floating a little bit above the water. I can still remember getting chills as we all watched, terrified, as it passed by us. We never did know what it was but we all saw it. My whole family saw it."

"I like history and even though it might be morbid, I like to go to cemeteries and read some of the inscriptions on the tombstones. One day, my daughters, grandchildren and I went to the Silverton Hillside cemetery and because two of my grandchildren were very young, we kept the windows open and they stayed inside the car while we looked at the graves next to the road. We had only been there a few minutes when the car alarm started to go off. I went immediately to the car and found that both of the kids who were in the car were in car seats so neither of them did anything to set it off. I had left the keys in the ignition so thought perhaps that is what set it off. I took the keys and put them in my pocket, made sure the parking brake was on and shut the door. I had only taken a few steps when the alarm went off again. I turned around and opened the door, put the keys in the ignition, started the car, turned it off and then pulled the keys out. I opened the door, shut it and slowly backed away. The alarm went off again. Puzzled, I told my daughters that I was pulling the car ahead a couple of feet so I got in the car and drove it forward. After moving the car, I shut it off, closed the door and stood beside the car for a minute. The alarm went off. I went back, opened the door, closed it and pressed the auto lock. In less than a minute, the alarm went off again. Being a pretty cynical person, I felt that there had to be a rational explanation so I told my daughters that we better go since the car was acting funny. We drove down to the town, I parked the car and we all got out except the babies. Same situation as it was in the cemetery but this time, the alarm didn't go off. It never went off again."

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