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By Jaque Ritchie


Do you believe in ghosts? Have you seen one?


October 27, 2017

Shamra Mechelle

Shamra Mechelle - I call them spirits. I believe in reincarnation you know, so yes, I think some people are suspended in between lives for a minute

Rick Martinez - I see ghosts everywhere. They are the tweakers! They are ghosts of what used to be good people.

Jacque Ritchie

Rick Martinez

Jessica Nuerock - I believe there is a thin line between this world and the space we wait before we chose to move on. This line can be thin in many ways.

Kim - I believe in ghosts. They really helped me through the whole cancer thing. They comforted me and helped me with the question of life after death.

Ike Serrano - I was very young. I was born and raised in the village of Gallina. We saw lights and silhouettes in a building where no one was supposed to be. I'm not saying it was ghosts or anything, I just can't explain it. The adults checked the building and found nothing.

Austin Murphy - I've never seen a ghost, there's no such thing as ghosts. My mother said she's seen a ghost but she lying. My grandmother said she's seen a ghost but she's either lying or senile.

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