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October 20, 2017


On Saturday, Oct, 6, Randy Hodge had a wood frame for a sign erected on Road 3025 & 3000. I informed him he was on the water easement, and about 12” from my fence. He told me to mind my business and go to my house.

I contacted the County Public Works, checked to see if Mr. Hodge had applied for a sign permit — he did not. He was then contacted and told to take the sign down as he had no permit. It is still up and now a metal ground sign that was at Ruby’s, is right in front of wood frame. I also contacted a deputy who met me on Oct. 16, also contacted my surveyor and domestic water company as the water line goes down that side of the road.

Steve with the City of Aztec called at the same time and told me they would have someone come and begin taking it down that day and would try to have the rest down by the end of the week.

The next morning the ground metal sign staked down was put up early in the morning. Two signs and two weeks later I called the city again and Mr. Saavedra stopped by to see signs and took pictures. He was surprised where the signs were and agreed they shouldn’t be there. So this is my business and a danger to the public and the sign needs to come down.

Dolores Martinez, Aztec


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