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October 20, 2017

Lee Burkett points out that the new sidewalk on Western is much lower than the old one

Neighbors in the area of Western Drive and Western Circle of Aztec have been dealing with construction for over a year now, and are questioning when it will end.

The construction began with the sewer outfall line which had to be placed underground. The line went up the middle of the street.

Lee Burkett who lives in the neighborhood says the dust is unbearable, as well as the noise created by the construction crews. He filed a complaint with OSHA, and shortly after, TRC, the construction company that is working on the curbs and gutters, and the City of Aztec came with water trucks to help with the dust issue. "They came twice a day for four days, and that was awesome," Burkett said. And then the water trucks stopped coming, and the dust came back, and the construction continued.

Bill Watson, Director of Public Works at the City of Aztec said, "They've been putting up with this for a couple of years. It's no wonder they're fed up. I get it."

Watson said that as soon as TRC is finished with the curbs and gutters on the street, which should be any day now, the paving company will come back and complete the project. He also explained that there were several things that delayed the job, including designing and funding from the state. He said some landscaping needed to be done because the level of the street and sidewalks is different from what it originally was, and that needs to be fixed.

Plans are for the construction on the street to be done by the early part of November, so maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel.


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