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What's your opinion of our school's grades and PARCC testing?


October 20, 2017

Jacque Ritchie

Rocky Torres

Rocky Torres, Principal at Vista Nueva High School - We absolutely care because its an indicator on where we are and what we need to do to improve. The grade doesn't define what our school is. We're working on some things differently this year that will improve our grade.

Dr. Troy Webb, Principal at McCoy Elementary - I have surrounded myself with a lot of good teachers and I've trained a thousand teachers at a college level. These people that I live with and break bread with every day are the best I've ever worked with.

Dana Stanley, Principal at Lydia Rippey Elementary - The major reason for our improvement is the teachers. They pour their heart and soul into these kids. It starts with parents working with kids at home. I don't think the reason for our improement was one thing ... it's everything. We try to foster love for


Jacque Ritchie

Dr. Troy Webb

Lauren Laws, Principal at Park Ave. Elementary - Basically I think as a school we can take the info given to us and use it to grow. I think Park Avenue is a great place to be. Staff is hard working and always trying to make the students all they can be. The grades are tough on the teachers because they work hard every day and they give their all.

Brenda McNeal, Asst. Principal, AHS - The school grade is a reflection of the testing but not a total reflection of the school There are a lot of good teachers on campus that push the students to excel every day. Standardized testing is a measure, but not the only measure. We've got to take it one step at a time to improve that grade.

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